Where to go birding in Melbourne

spinebill (2)

When I first got interested in birdwatching in Melbourne I dug through all the information I could find about the best places to go. Unfortunately a lot of the places people raved about (especially the famous Western Treatment Plant) were more or less impossible to get to without a car. As a car-less person, I quickly figured out a few places I could get to easily, but I felt a bit frustrated with my options. Over the years though, I’ve figured out that there are loads of great places to go birding in Melbourne that don’t require driving.

This page has a simple aim: to briefly describe these places, how to get to them and what you might see there. Melbourne’s public transport network is pretty decent, and we’re blessed with some wonderful parks filled with a surprising array of great birds. So whether you’re a visitor, a non-driver or a public transport aficionado: have a browse, jump on a train, tram or a bus and get out into nature.

If you’re new to birding, you might get something out of Melbirds, the mini photo field guide that I made with my partner Cindy – click through here to check it out.

Detailed Site Guides: in-depth summaries of 10 key PT-accessible birding sites in Melbourne

Brief site summaries: brief details of other great PT-accessible sites